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Some of the questions we often get asked are included below for your convenience. If there is anything not covered or an area you need more clarification on, please call us on 994 12 4498090 or contact us via our enquiry form.


1. How do I find out the best way to manage the Waste we produce?

RT Services Ltd. can undertake a free site survey on your behalf which will result in a no obligation quote. All quotes are based on costs saving – not cost plus.

2. Do I need to separate waste at my site?

Due to RT Services Ltd. commitment to recycling this isn’t necessary; however we can assist in a “Front of House” segregation policy if requested.

3. What waste streams can you handle?

Everything from General Mixed Waste to Hazardous Waste. There is nothing we can’t collect.

4. My offices/facility is in the remote area. Is this an issue?

Not at all. We offer total National coverage for Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan Republics.

5. My collection point is logistically tight, can you get access?

Not everything has to be done with a skip or a bin lorry! Collections can be made in loose form as well as having small containers.

6. Will I be tied into a contract?

Typically no.  We want clients to stay with us because it works not through a contractual obligation.

7. How do we know it is being done legally?

All work undertaken by RT Services Ltd is done so in full accordance with current Environmental Legislation ensuring peace of mind.

8. How do I know what’s been collected and Recycled?

We can issue reports based on your time frames to confirm both collected amounts and recycling rates.

9. Doesn’t this all sound too good to be true?

Probably, but that’s the reasoning behind using a completely impartial Waste Management Company that is not driven by filling a whole in the ground or increasing costs?


What happens to waste?

Have you ever wondered what happens to waste? Here are two common examples of our pre-treatment processes.

Example 1 - Construction, Demolition and Excavation Waste (CD & E)

  1. Container filled with mixture of brick, cement, stone, wood and soil removed from site;
  2. Transported to a designated Material Recycling Facility (MRF);
  3. Material is then split into its different components;
  4. The split material is then sorted and stored in bays ready to be reused.

Example 2 - Paper Waste

  1. Used paper or cardboard collected;
  2. Paper/cardboard is delivered to plant for compacting;
  3. Compacted into half tone bales;
  4. Waste now ready for recycling and then resale.

All collection, disposal, recovery or recycle of waste is carried out to Local Legislation and a full audit trail is standard procedure.





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