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Disposal Services

Transfer Stations

For communities not situated conveniently to landfills, RT Services transfer stations can serve as efficient way stations between collection points and disposal facilities. At these transfer stations, waste is consolidated, compacted and loaded into long-haul trailers for transport to landfills. This operation improves the utilization of collection equipment by minimizing transportation time and efficiently moving large volumes of waste to our disposal sites.

Landfill Disposal

RT Services’ disposal facilities employ the latest advances in landfill technology. From selecting new landfill locations to capping landfills that have been filled to capacity, every effort is made to ensure our sites' operational integrity as well as the safety of the surrounding ecosystems. As stewards of the environment, RT Services sees that all of landfills are designed, operated and maintained to meet or exceed all local and state regulations. After treatment, treated soils can be safely land-filled or transported off site for other practical uses.

Drum Management

RT Services offers safe, reliable and cost-effective Drum Management services for large and small businesses. RT Services - experts in special and hazardous waste handling and disposal will collect transport and arrange for the proper treatment and/or disposal of drums and their contents while maintaining compliance with all local and state regulations. Whether your drummed waste is hazardous or non-hazardous, liquid or solid, debris or soil, RT Services will process your drums safely, reliably and economically.

Industrial/Special Waste Services

Every company has a responsibility to see that its wastes are handled in a safe and environmentally prudent manner. Working with RT Services, industrial and special waste generators can be certain that their wastes will be handled in a way that meets or exceeds all local and state regulations. Using sophisticated evaluation techniques, transportation equipment, landfill technologies and long-term monitoring systems, RT Services provides the highest level of industrial and special waste services in the industry, and backs its commitment with a written indemnification that protects its customers from fines, lawsuits, sanctions or other legal/regulatory actions that can result from the improper disposal of these materials.

Hazardous Waste Services

Hazardous wastes require handling and disposal by proven experts. RT Services’ hazardous waste services lead the industry in safety, reliability and technical sophistication while maintaining full compliance with all local and state environmental regulations. RT Services’ excellent track record allows it to offer hazardous waste generators the industry's best indemnification package coupled with the economies of scale that come from working with Azerbaijan’s and Kazakhstan’s largest solid waste services company.

Liquid Waste Solidification

Companies that generate liquid wastes require a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to dispose of these substances. RT Services’ Liquid Waste Solidification services have proved to be a safe and effective solution to this challenge. The Liquid Waste solidification process involves mixing liquid waste with selected reagents and/or absorbents to create a substance hard and dry enough to be landfilled. Solidifying liquid waste in this manner allows a company to economically dispose of non-hazardous liquids in a landfill while reducing its long-term contingent liability.

PCB Disposal

During the mid-20th Century, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were commonly used as a dielectric fluid in electrical transformers, capacitors and other electrical equipment. Today, many manufactured items containing PCBs are being removed from service. In addition, in many locations where these manufactured items were in commercial use, PCBs were released or spilled, producing contaminated soil, sediment or debris. The disposal of manufactured items, soil, sediment and debris containing PCBs are strictly regulated by the government. RT Services operates several sites approved by Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic where you will find the infrastructure, equipment and technical expertise to transport, treat and/or dispose of PCBs in a manner that is both cost-effective and in compliance with all local and state environmental regulations.

Transportation Services

RT Services offers a full range of commercial and industrial solid waste transportation services for businesses throughout the Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan republics. Featuring modern, state-of-the-art equipment operated by trained, dependable industry professionals, these competitively priced services are available to meet your every transportation requirement. 


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